Parasites such as fleas, ticks and worms can be harmful to your dog. From causing minor skin irritations to much more serious symptoms, it's important that you know how to treat your dog for parasites and prevent them in the future. When using parasite protection products such as Heartgard for dogs and NexGard for dogs if you remember a few simple things you will ensure that your dog is fully protected.

Simple Protection

Unlike other heartworm medication products for dogs such as pastes or liquids, Heartgard plus for dogs comes in a convenient chew in a beef flavour dogs will love. Simply give your dog the chew and they are protected. Talk to your vet about how often you should give your dog this medication.

Easy to Use

Similarly, NexGard chewables offer a great solution for fussy dogs.

Just one small chew kills fleas for a whole month.

Unlike others on the market that are applied topically, using a chewable means that your dog can swim or have a bath straight away without affecting the product.

The important thing is to choose the product that matches your dog's weight, as this will determine the correct dosage.

Things to Remember

There are just a couple of other important things to remember with these products. Ensure you stick to the scheduled dosage timetable. For example, NexGard should be given every 30 days. Also, these products can be given to any breed of dog, but should not be given to cats or other pets.